Back Exercises

Back Exercises For Lower Back Pain

People have asked for these exercises before so I’m posting them for everyone to see.  They were given to me by a doctor who refused that they were Yoga, but if you ask Erin she will tell you that these are actually modified Yoga poses.  If these will be any help to you or someone you know that suffers from lower back pain, then please pass them on.

Download Entire Booklet in PDF Form

Download Exercise list in PDF Form

000 - Introduction (Back Exercises)

001 - Pelvic Tilt (Back Exercises)

002 - Lower Back Rotation (Back Exercises)

003 - Arch & Sag (Back Exercises)

004 - Arm & Leg Reach (Back Exercises)

005 - Knees to Chest (Back Exercises)

006 - Hip Lift (Back Exercises)

007 - Partial Sit-Up (Back Exercises)

008 - Leg Lift (Back Exercises)

008 - Chair Stretch (Back Exercises)

010 - Neck Stretch (Back Exercises)

011 - Wall Slide (Back Exercises)

012 - Press Up (Back Exercises)

Remember to never push yourself too hard!

 – Charlize <3

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