“Price of Admission” – Relationship Advice

If you’re not familiar with Dan Savage, this is one of those things you should watch. It’s a video where he illustrates an interesting concept he calls the “Price of Admission.”

I’ll explain. There are certain little things that your partner may do that drive you crazy, but you have to consider what you get in return from that person and if it is worth the “price of admission”.

This is one of the “prices of admission” in our house.

My lovely wife leaves pens all around the house. Drives me nuts. I find them everywhere and if I don’t clean them up they seem to multiply. At this point, I’m not entirely sure where they are coming from. The pen jars are full. I know, I’ve been stuffing them.

Yet, I’ve never said a thing. Not even before the concept of “price of admission” was explained by Dan Savage in the video linked here.

I’ve never said anything because I know what I get for cleaning up these pens. The most wonderful, caring, loving, beautiful soul I’ve ever encountered in my life. The only one to love me fully, as I am. I know exactly what I get and it’s so much more important to me than some silly pens on a stupid dresser.

Please watch Dan Savage tell you about his “Price of Admission” and explain the concept further:

– Charlize <3

Cover image credit: Charlize Veritas