Taking Anemia Seriously?

There are a lot of changes that happen to your body when you transition. So many in fact, that the doctor can’t go over them all with you or even know them all for that matter. Each person is unique.

One thing that is often accepted as the “norm” is that women are often colder than men, or perhaps too “fragile” and need a borrowed coat. Or perhaps they simply do not poses as much body hair and fat as well as have a thinner outer layer of skin. No it’s probably just the “fragile” thing… right?

Wrong. So many things changed that were unpredictable and one of them was my need for iron supplements. You see, as my transition progressed levels of minerals and vitamins changed along with it.

After it had been a year in, I got a full check up and the doctor had some disturbing news,

“Everything looks good,” he began. “But, you’re dangerously close to being anemic.”

I start laughing uncontrollably.

“Ma’am! This is no laughing matter. This is serious,” he said to me, but I continued to laugh.

The poor doctor just looked at me confused.

You see, as a male I never had to deal with Anemia. Whatever! That was something my mother and cousins dealt with or other girls I knew, but not me. No way, no how. That was something that happened to women… and it was happening to me.

Because of this, I laughed and I laughed some more.

I thought, “Oh Charlie, you asked for this didn’t you?”

Now we all know Anemia really isn’t that serious unless you have some sort of eating disorder or perhaps a disease where it allows Anemia to set it, but typically just changing your diet or adding iron to it is enough.

“Would you please stop that?!” the doctor asked.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, ” I said as I gained my composure.

“Now it’s not bad,” he began. “If we just put you on some iron supplements I think it will be enough, but you should look into your diet and find a way to add more iron, ok?”

“Ok doc,” I said. “I’m sorry about earlier, doc, it’s just that I never thought I would ever hear someone tell me that I was anemic before, but my mother always had to worry about it, so it all makes sense now. I just found that to be hilarious. Don’t worry, I’ll pick up some supplements on the way home.”

“Oh ok, I see now,” he said still not amused.

But I still smiled.

And I still take iron supplements, just like my mother before me.

Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true.

 – Charlie <3

Cover image credit: Unknown