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The Attack On Jacie Leopold – HuffPost Blog


When I first read Jacie’s post on Facebook, I was stunned in every sense of the word. Shocked. Frightened. What I saw could easily happen to me or any one of my sisters in arms. I looked for more information about her attack online and didn’t find any. All I could find was a local blog post about her speaking at the Transgender Day of Remembrance in Fayetteville just last year. So I contacted her to see if she would confide in me to tell her story to the world and she did. For this I am honored:

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Jacie’s story is not a unique one as this is happening right now, all around the world. She is very lucky to be alive today and to have been able to speak at a TDOR event instead of being one of the names read out at it. The names of the Transgender people we’ve lost.

Here is Jacie’s original Facebook post:

Hi my name is Jacie. I am a 33yr old transwoman living in Arkansas. I came out as transgender well over a year ago….

Posted by Jacie Leopold on Thursday, January 28, 2016


You can help to stop Transgender violence by being our voices when we cannot speak. By being our friends, getting to know us and helping others to see that we are people just like them. You can help by standing up for us when no one is around. By shutting down and putting a stop to violence in the very place it starts:

The hateful words of another.

 – Charlize <3

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Becoming the Parent of a Transgender Child – Huff Blog

This piece isn’t just for the parents to realize their transgender child’s needs, but also for the child to have something to convince their parents that we are in pain, and we need help. In a loving family, anything is possible. I hope that this post helps someone out there, anyone. A parent to realize what’s at stake or for a child the courage to step forward and speak their truth. Be brave little ones, and parents please be loving. You are everything to them. Don’t forget.

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 – Charlize <3

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Happy Transgender Birthday! – Huffington Post Blog

My Second Huffington Post Blog post is now live! Please read this before you jump to wish someone who is transgender “happy” birthday. We never know what someone else has been through and is going through. We can’t. Transgender or not. So, please take time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you interact with them. No matter who they are, they are human just like you.

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 – Charlize <3

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