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Happy Transgender Birthday! – Huffington Post Blog

My Second Huffington Post Blog post is now live! Please read this before you jump to wish someone who is transgender “happy” birthday. We never know what someone else has been through and is going through. We can’t. Transgender or not. So, please take time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you interact with them. No matter who they are, they are human just like you.

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 – Charlize <3

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When Your Body Is a Prison, a Transgender Life – HuffBlog

The last 3 days have been a wild ride. Thank you to everyone for their kind words! I truly cried tears of joy. 💜

Tuesday morning, I fell deep into my depression and in my darkest moment, I chose to document my feelings in an essay instead of receding more into myself. With nothing to lose, I went about steps to submit it to the Huffington Post which is a news outlet that I respect and read daily.

I never expected that I would get a return email that day asking for my story and providing me with blogging credentials. My only assignment was to bring it down to 1000 words or less.

With adrenaline flowing and my mind blown away by the excitement, I spent the entire night editing down the piece so that I would be able to submit it in the morning after my credentials had been authorized.

I’m not entirely sure of whom the final editor was on the piece but I would like to thank them very much for making it even more concise and especially for adding the suicide hot line link at the end. Which it the most important part of the piece. Please: Seek help!

Around 14:30 Central Time Thursday the article went live with the link to the crowdfunding project I created to help me finally see myself. Not many people realize that about 43% of all transgender people are unemployed, myself included. 42% have attempted suicide at least once in their life. In comparison the average person has a 4% chance of attempting to end their life.

But I don’t want to drop back into the morbidity of the situation.

What I want to do is thank the universe. All of it. Including you.

Thank you!

Before I could even share the article, we had received a donation. Erin and I were brought to tears. And then another. Words cannot express our gratitude.

Today I need to finish configuring the crowdfunding page so as to provide more information to those seeking to donate, but I’m going to take my time. It’s been an emotional couple of days.

Still, you can find the link if you wish to donate inside my Huffignton Post Blog and know that Erin and I both love you for it. You’ll be able to watch a life become what it should have always been right before your eyes and know that you had a hand in that.

Even in your darkest moment, and I know it’s ever so hard, but even then you can still pick yourself up.

Share your truth with the world and you might just be surprised. 😊

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  – Charlize <3

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